Antisocial personality disorder essay example

Antisocial behaviors range from relatively minor acts, such as lying or cheating, to heinous acts, including torture, rape and murder. These symptoms can be evident in children as young as 15 years of age.

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The occurrence of the disorder is higher in individuals who have biological parents with antisocial personalities PsychNet,n. The said disorder is also known as sociopath, dyssocial, or psychopath personality disorder, it is a diagnosis addressed to individuals who habitually behave with little or no respect to the law and other individuals Encyclopedia, n.

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These person maneuvers through society as predators, yielding little consideration to the outcomes of their actions Encyclopedia, n. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 53 3A person with ASPD may often be arrogant, even cocky.

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Special testing physical and lab and medical evaluations help diagnosis and treat the disorder. Treatment of ASPD is usually focused on helping a person better understand how to work within a society of rule-followers when they themselves have little interest in doing so.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Can it be treated. Many who are diagnosis refuse or feel they do not need any treatment.

Sample Essay on Antisocial Personality Disorder

Research on Antisocial Behavior. Another important symptom is that they are very good when it comes to manipulating others feelings. According to McGoey et al. However, there are so many people with this disorder who do not recognize it and does not try to find a treatment or psychological help by their own that make it more difficult, but what really matters is that relatives, friends, co-workers and each of us must be educated about this disorder to help and find them a solution because many of the cases with this disorder that people overlock or they simply do not pay attention end which makes them at the end have violent and depressing endings.

Pros and Cons A person with antisocial personality disorder appears very outgoing and charming in first glance Wise Geek, n. People with antisocial personality disorders are often caught in indecent and violent acts but show no remorse or feeling of being sorry.

The DSM-5 outlines the main symptoms that are prevalent in antisocial personality disorder and says, “The essential feature of antisocial personality disorder is pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early.

Antisocial Personality Disorder Essays (Examples)

Psychopathy & Anti-social Personality Disorder It is of importance to understand that millions of Americans often live with various types of mental illness, as well as mental health problems. The diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy can be said to have intrigued societies for centuries.

The concept of the antisocial personality disorder is confused by the common usage of three overlapping terms: the criminal personality, the antisocial personality, and the psychopath (sociopath).

The criminal personality is a sociological term, not a DSM category. Antisocial Personality Disorder Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition that entails the total disregard and violation of the rights of others. People who are diagnosed with this condition do not have any sort of respect for the feelings and wishes of other people.

Anti-social personality disorder is an affliction that many people will argue is caused by either nature or nurture, but in my opinion it is nature that causes people to develop this disorder. Anti-social personality disorder is defined as "a personality disorder in which the person (usually a man /5(8).

According to the manual, the personality disorder 'is clinical syndrome which has more long lasting symptoms and encompass the individual's way of interacting with the world; the mental disorder includes paranoid, antisocial, and borderline personality disorders' (House, ).

Antisocial personality disorder essay example
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