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First, at the time of European contact, all but the simplest indigenous cultures in North America had developed coherent religious systems that included cosmologies—creation myths, transmitted orally from one generation to the next, which purported to explain how those societies had come into being.

For instance, the letter of Mary Rowlandson,is a great example that portrays the key differences the Puritans had with the Native Americans than the other settlers. Essential Question How did the colonists and Wampanoags view land, nature, and life differently, and how could these differences lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

The fact that no Puritan was harmed in the encounter is believed to be a sign of divine favor. Finally, the great majority of early modern Europeans feared witches and pondered the meaning of their dreams. Individuals tried to woo or appease powerful spiritual entities with private prayers or sacrifices of valuable items e.

The capitalist merchants take advantage of the less wealthy Puritans. In studying history, we use all possible resources available, including both primary and secondary sources, to try to understand the past.

Upon arrival, the Puritans find themselves in a hostile environment with no shelter or developed land to survive with.

This action of puritans enabled them to take control of the government in present-day Massachusetts. Lesson Extension Copy and enlarge one or two pages of the actual seventeenth-century reproductions, so that students can examine the language, spelling, handwriting, and punctuation.

The religion as presented by Spanish was pure Christianity faith, and they executed whoever who opposed pure Christian faith like protestants and Quakers. Students can be divided into two or more heterogeneous groups, with each group focusing on the view of colonists or Wampanoag beliefs.

In the last half of seventeenth-century Quakers overcame the Puritans. Another big trade item was the codfish, that was in abundance in New England coast, and it participated hugely in growing England economy. As even this brief account indicates, many key Indian religious beliefs and practices bore broad but striking resemblances to those current among early modern Europeans, both Catholic and Protestant.

Benjamin Franklin in The Autobiography put together a new model of life in which to follow. This document was written to try to entice others to come to Plymouth.

Things were grand for them, and they intended to enjoy themselves. When they planted, they used small hoes to cut enough for a new seed to be planted. Each day, evidence can be put on a large chart, with sticky notes attached to the appropriate box on a class chart.

Instead it was the belief that God left the world in the hands of man to control the outcomes.

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Catawbas of the Carolinas James H. Puritan and Native American Literature There are many similarities and differences between Native American and Puritan literature.

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These include emotion, style, figurative language, and description. These include emotion, style, figurative language, and description.

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Basically, God caused the man to fall over-board because of his rejection of grace. Puritans perceive the event as a sign from God. Another example of the perception of an event representing a sign from God is when Puritans first encountered Native Americans.

Both sides used their weapons against each other in an attempt to kill. Native American Relations With Puritan Settlers Essay; Native American Relations With Puritan Settlers Essay.

Words 13 Pages. Show More. Most people think European-Indian relations were solely based on war. This might be true for many of the tribes and Europeans, but it was not the case for the Puritans and Indians living in Massachusetts.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Morton vs Bradford specifically He was a lawyer, writer and social reformer, popular for founding the colony of Merrymount and his work studying Native American culture.

Yorkshire. He was the leader of the Separatist settlers of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. The Puritans established the. Essay on Native Americans vs Europeans In the time of the American Revolutionary War, there were many differences that influenced how our country turned out today.

Most of the cultural differences occurred between the Native Americans and the Europeans that had newly settled in what is known today as America.

native americans vs puritans Religion was very important to both Native Americans and Puritans even though both were significantly different from one another.

Native Americans believed every one was the same no individual was better than the other.

Native americans vs puritans essay example
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